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Hello! I'm Maggie.
It's nice to meet you!

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest,
I live with my husband of nearly 20 years
and our three kids in the greater Seattle
area where we are close to family, water
and mountains.  

Education / Training

  • Currently at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology working towards a Master's of Counseling Psychology with a concentration in the Psychoanalytic tradition - British Object Relations. 

  • Three years of advanced training (2019-2022) at the Allender Center in Narrative Focused Trauma Care learning to listen and hold stories of trauma, bringing curiosity and kindness, offering attunement and containment and helping people move towards healing and redemption. In Fall 2022, I joined the Allender Center Team as a facilitator. 

  • Certified Professional Coach in 2021 through Thriving Coach Academy, an ICF accredited coach training program.

  • Bachelor's of Arts in History/Social Studies with a minor in Psychology from Western Washington University (2005).


  • Family history/genealogy--Our families of origin play a crucial role in shaping who we are. The stories we tell and are told about our families, the family traditions and practices we have, the ancestral lines of those who've gone before us... They are all pieces that point to how we've become the person we are today. I've been doing family history research off and on since I was a pre-teen.

  • I love to gather people. I love to bring people together from small dinners at home to huge celebrations of milestone birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, accomplishments. I love to remember, honor and celebrate. Gathering people together marks that moment and creates a sense of community and connection. We are meant to do life with others!

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