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A Leadership Conversation

Yesterday I had an absolute blast recording our latest podcast with Pastor Cyon Edgerton. She is a remarkable woman who is using her skills and abilities as a leader of leaders to equip under-resourced and marginalized leaders. Truly, she is an inspiration with her whole life and what a gift it was to us and our listeners to have her up from California to chat about her new project, The Table Leadership.

One of my favorite things she talked about was this throwing off this idea of "doing it all" by creating a work/family "balance." Balance, she said, requires give and take. She encouraged us rather to think about embracing the idea of life rhythms; there are changing times and seasons within life where we have to give ourselves permission to do or not do things. Oh this was so good for my do-er mind to hear.

You can listen to the Arise Podcast any where you get your podcasts or you can watch us recording here:


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