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The Power of Light

Good and Evil. Chaos and Order. Light and Dark.

I think many of us believe that these are equal opposites. But have you ever seen darkness stand a chance against light? A look at the gospel of John shows us that darkness can never extinguish light (verse 4), and light gives life to everything and everyone. That doesn't sound like light and dark are equals at all. And while we see darkness all around us, we know it can never over come the light.

This past Sunday I got to co-teaching with my friend and pastor Peter Blue on this topic at our church Newlife - North Kitsap. And I even got to bring Star Wars into our sermon (nerd alert.) We took a look at the ways that light has power--the power to overcome evil, the power to expose lies, the power to reveal need and the power to illuminate hurt.

You can watch the sermon HERE.


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