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Trauma-Informed Coaching

Get care, encouragement and specialized one-on-one life coaching with narrative in mind. Holding your past in the present, together we will clarify where you'd like to be and identify what's keeping you from getting there so you can live a more purposeful life of your choosing.


$1,000 / 3 Months

 3 months of weekly coaching support to help clarify your core values and goals as well as your look at your current obstacles and roadblocks. We'll process through core stories and identify their impact on your present. This coaching package includes encouragement and accountability with email and text support between sessions.


$550 / 5 Sessions

Bundle five (5) coaching sessions and save $125. These sessions can be spread out monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly but need to be used within one calendar year from the date of purchase. Get help with setting goals, identifying obstacles and processing through a core story to get you recalibrated and refocused on your purpose.


$125 / 50 Min

One off, self-contained coaching session that focuses on one specific area in your life that are not satisfied with and would like support on. This could also be used to process through one story. Best as follow-ups to previous coaching sessions/packages or for those who have other support structures in place.

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