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A story group is a sacred space, a safe container for sharing your story and for bearing witness to another's story. In order to heal from our places of harm, we need the kind seeing eyes of others to help us see our story in a deeper way. It is through Story Groups we are able to name harm with particularity so that we can enter into the grief that leads towards healing. Because we are harmed in relationships, we are also healed in them. We don't heal in generalities, we heal in the particularities of our story. 


Current Story Groups:

Spring 2024 in partnership with Addie of Steadfast:

  • Engaging Whiteness - 6 Week exploration of racial socialization for White identifying folks

Past Story Groups:

  • In partnership with Addie of SteadfastExploring Racial Identity for White Folk - 4 weeks

  • In partnership with Vanessa of Abiding in StoryA Summer In Story - 10 Week introduction to StoryWork

Client Testimonial:


"Joining and completing a Story Group with Vanessa and Maggie was a game changer for me.   While it took courage as a first-timer to write and share my stories with others as well as engage others stories, the healing that has begun to take place as a result has been far worth much so, that I recently signed up for another group. Maggie and Vanessa were AMAZING with using their skills and gifts to help me see and name the things, in particular, that needed to be named in my stories along with the wonderful teaching they provided each week. They created a safe environment for me to let down my guard, to share openly and become more aware of offering myself kindness. Belonging to this story group of individuals, all moving towards healing, opened up some of the locked down parts of me that longed to be seen my entire life."

- Summer in Story Group Participant 2021

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