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Where Are You?

Where have you come from and where are you going? It seems like a simple and straightforward question and yet so many of us have a hard time answering it.

Life and Story Coaching starts with asking these questions and then exploring your story for the answers. It is about becoming more aware of how your story has and continues to shape your present. It's questions like: How has your family-of-origin, your specific culture and particular geography shaped who you are today? How does your past impact where you are headed, what you are made to bring to this world and who you are becoming in the future?

Often times our past collides in the present and how we chose to respond or react impacts our future. It is for this very reason we need to become aware of the stories are that are like invisible hands working in our present. Making these stories visible brings healing and helps us to understand how and why they are continuing to work in our present.

If you're interested in exploring your story, contact me to set up a free consultation.


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